Digital Advertising

Reach mobility professionals year-round. Online advertising not only allows you to zero in on your target customer but also gives you extensive tools to track the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. 

Reach Mobility Professionals Year-Round

Partner with WERC

Sky Wang
Email / +1 (312) 673-5574


Starting at $1,000

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Advertise in the Mobility Minute e-newsletter, which is the fastest and most reliable channel to reach talent mobility industry stakeholders.

Mobility Minute

  • Sent weekly on Fridays
  • 10,000 circulation
  • 27% average open rate

Website Ads

Starting at $4,000

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The WERC website offers the perfect platform to reach a highly engaged community of mobility experts. Choose from banner ads, sponsored content, and retargeting options to fit your message and budget. 

Social Media

Starting at $1,750

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Increase brand awareness and visibility across our globally branded channels with social media posts.

WERC followers

  • LinkedIn: 15,700
  • Twitter: 10,600
  • Facebook: 3,300
  • Instagram: 1,400

Average engagement across all channels:

  • 4,700 impressions
  • 115 engagements/post 

Sponsored E-Blast

Starting at $4,500

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Send a custom e-blast to 4,700+ WERC members promoting products and services that you want the industry to know about right now. The email send list can be refined to specific demographics and quantities to fit your target audience.


  • HTML email file
  • Subject line (75 characters max)
  • Pre-header text (75 characters max) 

HTML Requirements

  • Width: 650px (recommended)
  • Footer: Include company name, postal address, email
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Build HTML with tables instead of DIV, which does not work well with email
  • Images and fonts: Files must be hosted on your servers (no local files) Embed all hyperlinks 

Materials due 10 business days prior to send date.

Sponsored Webinar & The One Take

Starting at $6,500

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Promote your company as a thought leader within the industry and sponsor a WERC video! Choose from The One Take or a Learning Zone Webinar.

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