Sponsored Webinar & The One Take

Promote your company as a thought leader within the industry and sponsor a WERC video! Choose from The One Take or a Learning Zone Webinar. Learn more below!

Starting at $6,500

Learning Zone Webinar



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Demonstrate your thought leadership and expertise while increasing brand awareness and generating qualified leads. Sponsors provide the speaker(s) and content, and WERC does the rest. To encourage maximum participation, sponsored webinars are free for attendees, who receive one full Certified Relocation Professional (CRP)® and one full Global Mobility Specialist (GMS)® credit for approved webinars. Average 400+ registrants per webinar.

Webinar title and description are due as soon as possible after the date is selected to allow for ample time to market the event. Suggested 6 weeks in advance.

Features & Benefits

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  • 45 to 60 minute educational webinar developed and presented by sponsor
  • Event produced, promoted, and hosted by  WERC
  • Rehearsal with WERC staff
  • Attendees eligible for 1 hour GEU toward GMS and CRP credentials
  • Webinar promotion via email, website, and event registration page
  • Full registrant information (name, email, company, and title) of all opt-in attendees
  • Archived event available to public on WERC website for 30 days; archived event moves to the WERC Learning Portal after 30 days

The One Take


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Your C-Level executive will be part of a 15-30 minute Q&A style interview with a member of the WERC Leadership Team as you discuss the intersection of industry trends with your organization’s perspective and approach to solutions and opportunities. Benefits include marketing promotion, event archive, and much more.

Features & Benefits

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  • A 15-30 minute Q&A style interview of a member of WERC's Leadership Team
  • Promotion before and after event on website, in Mobility Minute E-Newsletter, and on social media channels
  • Full registrant information (name, e-mail, company, and title) of all opt-in attendees
  • Archived on WERC website for two years after broadcast

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